Satu Lipponen

Satu LipponenSatu Lipponen has since 2000 been managing editor of the Cancer magazine (circulation 125 000 copies) and from 2008 editor-in-chief for the annual Focus research magazine. She serves as a special adviser at the Cancer Society of Finland.

Lipponen is specialised in cancer control, health promotion and international affairs. She is interested in journalism, ethics and science in general. She holds a master´s decree  in social sciences from the University of Tampere.

Lipponen has a long experience as newspaper journalist. She has written books and reports and served as a strategy consultant. She was the president of the 8th World Conference of Science Journalists in 2013. Lipponen says she is interested in nearly everything but passionate about music. She dreams of becoming a blogger on cultural issues.

Satu Lipponen was elected as president of the FASEJ in 2012 and she finished her post in 2014.